Saturday, October 30, 2010

Josie Gibson leaves John James to go to boot camp

Josie Gibson really working out hard to get turbo body
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Josie Gibson has been training hard
Big Brother 11 star Josie Gibson is off to boot camp this weekend - without lover John James Parton.
The Bristol babe has been training hard with Paulette Sybliss for weeks and now they're both off for 2 days of really tough body-toning.
'[Josie] has left poor johny james at home and is off to boot camp wiv @pfitness1 til monday. Owww,' Josie Tweets.
A qualified fitness trainer certified in nutrition and healthy eating, Paulette's Your Body In Motion regime promises to help get 'those toned looking turbo body abdominals that will make you the diva deluxe of the beach'.


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